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Maximise value - minimise clutter

If you want to sell your home faster and for a higher price, the home styling services from Showhome Presentations can maximise space by minimising your things. Showhome Presentations can declutter your home so it looks its best.

Personal clutter can be a turn-off to buyers. The first step to getting an offer on your home is to impress buyers with its appearance; they can then begin to envision themselves living there. They want to feel their new home will be organized, clean and attractive. If they walk into a cluttered, messy space, there’s no feeling that their new life in their new home will be any better than it is already.

If your home feels too personal, it may prevent buyers from making an emotional connection with the property. A house crowded with personal possessions, photos, art, mismatched or oddly sized furniture can be a distraction.

Potential buyers want to see themselves living in the house, not you.

If your home appears cluttered, buyers may feel it needs a renovation: that lowers the perceived value. Rooms should appear spacious. A room packed with furniture looks smaller, making buyers think your home is less valuable than it actually is.

Decluttering will maximise space and enhance layout and traffic flow.

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Impartial home interiors

Get guidance from interior designers you trust to be objective, skilled and honest. Showhome Presentations will be impartial and they understand the fine line between making your home feel comfortable while de-personalizing it enough so that a potential buyer can visualize themselves living there.

Focus Your Buyers On What’s Important

Your home needs an inviting atmosphere where potential buyers feel at home. If your home is filled with your personal story, then there’s no room for theirs. Do you want your house to sell more quickly than other houses on market? Get the Showhome Presentations team to enhance and make best use of space and it will. Layout, room usage and clutter can make all the difference between a home selling or lingering on an agent’s books.

Decluttering your home is vital before agents’ photos are taken.

Overwhelming clutter makes it hard for prospective buyers to see the true potential of a home. Instead of seeing all the great features of your home, home buyers will only see your stuff. Don’t let clutter cause buyers to scratch your house off their list before they even get there.

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Make a buyer feel at home in your home.

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Feng Shui Your Home

Showhome Presentations can balance energies and create a positive atmosphere. One of the basic home design rules of feng shui is to declutter your home. Feng shui sees a cluttered home as having bad energy, and creating tension. Like home staging, feng shui recommends decluttering and depersonalizing.

The team at Showhome Presentations works with feng shui principles and understands how to arrange your home so that it aligns with your personal goals.

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Buyers Need To See The Space They Are Getting

If you are planning to list your home, or if you want to sell your home faster, contact Showhome Presentations on 027 271 1155 to talk about decluttering your property.

Styling your house to sell is well worth it.