6 home staging mistakes to avoid when selling your next property

Evidence suggests that a home that is properly staged can sell for more money and in a quicker period of time. Articles giving advice on how to better stage your home are common, but often the best staged homes are founded on the things you didn’t do. Instead of focusing on what you should do, we want to take a minute to shed some light on the things you definitely should not do.

1 Don’t overdo it!  

It seems like an obvious one, but it is very easy to over-stage your home. The house should be a blank canvas that allows potential buyers to imagine their own possessions within the space. Keep all colours neutral and decorating to a minimum.

2 Don’t stage every room! 

Your home should demonstrate its versatility in order to reach a broader range of prospective buyers. For example, what could be a nursery for a young family could be a study for an older couple. Therefore, it is a good idea to leave the bedrooms, excluding the master, as untouched as possible.

3 Don’t make it personal! 

Keeping with the ‘blank slate’ theme, personal items such as family photographs on the wall or children’s paintings stuck on the fridge can prevent potential buyers from envisioning the house as their own. It is recommended to remove such items to help keep the home neutral.

4 If it opens, it will be opened 

During the decluttering process, don’t make the easy mistake of throwing items in cupboards or drawers to keep them out of sight. Potential buyers will open permanent furniture during a showing to imagine how their belongings will fit with the given space. Make sure you clean out the pantry to avoid it looking cluttered and small and any built-in wardrobes are neat and tidy.

5 It’s not just about what’s on the inside

Many people spend quality hours cleaning and decluttering their home, only to neglect the external spaces or leave them until last. Potential buyers will cement their first impressions early, most likely as they are walking on to the property from the kerb.

Make sure the driveway is swept, the lawn has been mowed and all gardens and pot plants are free of weeds and other debris. Outdoor furniture is also a great way to create a visual of how outdoor spaces can be used. Additionally, make sure there are no garden tools or children’s toys lying around.

6 Get another opinion 

Before you open your home to the public, invite a friend over to go through the home first. They will pick up things that may look tidy to you but cluttered to them. They will also pick up things you may not notice as you see them every day. This way, you will have a preview of what the buyer will see during the showing.

When staging your home, look beyond the to-do lists and make sure you’re checking the boxes on the no-to-do list. Share some of your top not-to-dos with us now.