Myth-busting: why you should have your home staged

Home staging is the preparation of a property so that it is seen to its best advantage; light, airy, comfortable, spacious, well furnished, appealing and a liveable space. Staging is becoming increasingly popular, but there are still some doubters who hold common misconceptions about the practice.

Misconceptions about home staging are much like old wives’ tales. It starts as an idle comment, often without any factual basis, and grows into a widely held view, still without any factual base.

But what are the misconceptions?home staged for selling

• It creates an artificial atmosphere – to make a house a home, you have to have personal items in it, right?

• It’s too expensive and a waste of money – people will often make a decision to buy a house based on the outside, the garden, or the space available. They don’t care what’s inside, do they?

• It suits only luxury homes at the top of the market range – people ask, “how is home staging going to improve my poky old property?”

• Genuine buyers are put off by staging – home buyers are often driven by emotion and think with their heart, not their head. Staging could put them off, as they know the house has been spruced up artificially beforehand.

The many advantages of home-staging

However, the proof of staging being worthwhile is in the results. Why is that so?

First impressions count

Whether it’s an online view, pictures in a brochure or an inspection, rule number one must be ‘get the buyers’ favourable impression from the outset, and you’re 75% there.’ There is such a thing as ‘love at first sight’!

Inject vibrancy in a property

Homes that aren’t staged can look old and tired, which detracts from their appeal. Any property that sits on the market for a while can get tainted and modern, contemporary furnishings bring a home to life, give it verve and style.

Kerb appeal

The first impression of any home is gained from its exterior. Any buyers arriving will see the property in the context of its surrounds, its garden and grounds, trees, and general ambience. They will instantly decide whether to check out the rest of the home, or simply drive off. A well-staged and manicured exterior creates a confidence about the interior.

What about the cost?

Home staging obviously involves a cost, but this has to be looked at in proportion to the benefits achieved. Giving your home a makeover with furnishings and decorations involves a modest cost, and can be adjusted for any budget. Think of the costs to you involved in a delayed or protracted sale campaign, of the holding charges on a property, of the opportunities you can take advantage of when cashed up, and an easy quick sale becomes very sensible.

Now is the time to home stage

If you have your home or an investment property for sale on the market in mind, there’s no better way or time to do it than the winter months. In fact if you have your home staging booked in August, you’ll go in the draw to win a gorgeous set of Logan & Mason linen. So you can sleep better at night … knowing that in todays’ competitive market, your decision to home stage is a savvy one and will set you apart from the rest.

To put it concisely, home staging is the only way to go. In this modern age, up-to-date, innovative and creative ideas bring exceptional results.