Staging your home for sale – do you need it?

Staging a Home For Sale

Home DecorHome staging: Do we need it and can we justify the expense?

Most of us have read tips and advice on how to present a home for sale, but would we be better off getting some professional help staging a home for sale?

When Auckland couple Reg and Shelley decided to sell their Mairangi Bay home on Auckland’s north shore, this was the question they ended up asking themselves.

Their house looked good, really good. They’d renovated, repainted, got new window furnishings, hung new curtains, arranged the furniture and they were pleased. They were quite sure their lovely, clean, fresh looking home would sell in absolutely no time.

sell my homeHowever, something was not quite right. To their surprise there was little or no reaction from buyers who visited their open homes and no offers appeared on the table.

What to do? After some heated discussion, and somewhat against Reg’s wishes, it was decided professional help staging a home for sale would be sought; the homestagers were called in. Reg and Shelley had heard about the success of others who had had home staging carried out on their properties so they decided to “give it a go”. And, says Shelley of Reg, “boy, was he pleased”.

The homestaging was completed in a day and an offer was duly received within a week.

The homestaging was done really quickly and both Reg and Shelley were really impressed with the completeness of the decorating work; the extent to which the home had been transformed. “It looked fantastic. Our house did not look contrived”. Not only was the decorating thorough, and “in keeping with the home” the homestaging team had “put good into the house. They had incorporated things we would never have thought of. We realised that when we’d decorated the house, the space had looked a lot smaller than it really was and it appeared a little sterile. People just couldn’t imagine themselves living in there”.

Reg and Shelley now describe themselves as home staging converts.

So what really is home staging?

sell my houseBasically, staging a home for sale it is the process of preparing, packaging and presenting your home so that it appeals to the widest possible audience; therefore selling for the highest possible price.

As people hear other of other sellers’ success, home stagers, or property stylists as they are also called, are being called in more and more frequently to help people give their home the best possible chance of selling well. As our North Shore home sellers discovered, it can be very hard for a home owner to be objective enough to see what should be changed. A second opinion and an experienced eye is always valuable.

Well-prepared homes sell faster, and for a better price.

Selling your home? Do you want a hand presenting your home? Professional stagers know what needs to be done to get a home ready for sale. As good home stagers the team at Showhome Presentations know exactly how to do just that. They can declutter your home making it less personalised, incorporate throws, cushions, bedding, colour accents, artwork and furniture to make your home more appealing.

Give Showhome Presentations a call to help sell your home. Like Reg, you won’t regret it!