How to prepare your property for sale

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Here’s a little help with our Home Staging Checklist

Preparing your property during a sale will help to sell it for the highest rate possible. Home staging has been proven to increase sale values by an average of 8% above the asking price.

It’s no surprise, really; staging your house showcases its ability to be a home for the buyer, helping them to imagine living there themselves. To make home staging in Auckland easier we’ve developed this handy PDF checklist.

Showhome Presentation’s Home Staging Checklist

Before you get started with staging your home in Auckland, take a moment to think about all the reasons you first fell in love with your property. What attracted you to it? These will be helpful memories when considering your potential buyers.

Curb appeal

– Mow lawns
– Clean and repair fences
– Trim hedges, trees and vines
– Weed the garden and add flowering plants to fill any dead patches
– Remove all pet food and accessories
– Move rubbish bins and trash cans to a less visible area
– Ensure a tidy, attractive mailbox is visible and undamaged
– Sweep and remove marks off driveways, foot paths and entryways
– Power wash exterior walls and windows, ensuring all marks and pests are removed
– Remove all children’s toys and gardening equipment


– Ensure floors are undamaged and evenly painted or finished
– Position grouped seating with plush cushions and suitable side tables
– Remove overhanging plants and vines
– Paint your front door an attractive and complementing colour
– Ensure street numbers are correct and visible from the street
– Ensure steps or entries are clean, undamaged and welcoming
– Add a new door mat
– Place attractive flowers in pots either side of the doorway to attract attention
– Ensure all outdoor lighting, doorbells and security systems are clean and working
– Remove clutter from the inside of the front door, including anything hanging on the door or coat racks
– Ensure a functional and attractive entry table is placed with welcoming blooms or a key holder
– Position rugs and artwork in a way that draws attention further inside the property

General interior

– Ensure walls are painted a neutral colour of beige, cream or white
– Ensure all walls are clean with marks removed and damages repaired
– Remove polarising artwork or family portraits and replace them with complementary, soothing artwork
– Ensure all power points, electrical outlets and light switches are clean and matching
– Paint adjacent rooms the same colour to increase the perceived size
– Open up smaller rooms and corners with wall mirrors
– Ensure all skirting boards and ceilings are undamaged and clear from pests
– Ensure flooring is free from damage, and place rugs to entice movement throughout the property

Lounge room

– Remove clutter, hide gaming consoles/DVD players and related remote controls
– Ensure armchairs are neutral in tone, clean, undamaged and comfortable, and complement these with plush cushions
– Place cushions in symmetry to please the eye
– Position a rug to pull the room together
– Position throw rugs to create a cosy feel
– Remove excess furniture from the room to create a spacious feel
– Position a fun board game or tea set to allow guests to picture their life in the home


– Clean all benches and remove all items from bench tops excluding a few basics (think dry pasta, sugar or tea jars)
– Clean fridges and large appliances, removing stickers and magnets
– Clean all cabinets inside and out, splash backs, pantries and cupboards
– If trash collectors are not in a convenient and matching style, remove them
– Add a vase of flowers or bowl of fresh fruit to a countertop


– Utilise neutral colours and solid colours for bedding supplies
– Remove any personal images and keepsakes from bench tops and walls
– Hang themed, neutral artwork on walls
– Remove excess blankets and throw rugs
– Remove all out of season clothing from wardrobes and replace mismatched clothes hangers with a quality matching set
– Remove all items in storage containers or boxes
– Consider setting up spare rooms or extra bedrooms as craft rooms or a home office
– Place all jewellery and expensive items in a secure place
– Ensure rooms are free of televisions, computers or game consoles


– Ensure only matching toiletries and accessories remain
– Remove all clutter from countertops, draws, towel racks etc
– Clean bathroom thoroughly to remove soap scum, mould and smells
– Fix any damaged items, ensure shower curtains are clean and successfully hung, and shower doors open and close without issue
– Add fluffy towels, decorative items, candles and fancy soap dispensers for an elegant touch

Pet owners

– Remove all stains, smells, pet hair, marks and scratches throughout the house. Use pet specific products where needed
– Remove all pet belongings such as beds, bowls, toys, food and litter boxes
– Have pets stay with loving friends
– Replace any furniture damaged by pets
– Ensure all traces of droppings are removed from the property and yard.


Contact Venus and her team at Showhome Presentations today for a simple home staging solution to preparing your home or rental property for sale.