Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2016.

Interior DesignDo you want your home to evolve at the same pace as the latest home decor trends? Luckily, 2016 is looking particularly stylish. Here are 10 top tips to help you capture the moment.


1. The colours

Not technically a colour, 2016 is all about the complexity of layered whites against the fearless, stark contrasts of those other shades black and the related grey, and then add some real colour to your rooms with playful and warm lavenders, lilacs and purples.

2. The comeback

If you think traditional granny florals make your house look dated in 2016, it’s actually the freshest new thing. Cushions and rugs burst with roses, but also with the vibrancy of our modern times when allied to the latest shell chairs, sofas and headboards. And in a nod to the rest of the environment, other plant and animal prints are also in.

3. Formal dining

The formal dining room, recently phased out with the conversion to 21st century home offices and media rooms, is in fact very 2016, featuring the modern take on the classic chandelier, elegant mahogany tables combined with high-back wicker dining chairs, and perhaps a bolder step deeper into the 21st century with reflective wallpapers and patterned, painted floors.

4. Sustainability

In ultra-green 2016 and beyond, sustainability is a buzzword. Mixes of new, sustainable and recycled materials blended with older furniture and styles show you care about where the things in your home come from. Wood, stone and even recycled plastic look great and minimise damage to the ecosystem, while using artisan products and friendlier new technology like LED lighting means your carbon footprint is smaller.

5. Eclectic kitchens

Think you’re up-to-date with glossy aluminium, shiny stainless steel and pristine glass? In 2016, you’re looking dated. Sinks and tapware are actually going dark, even black, contrasted with white ovens, exposed timber highlights and natural, leafy plants and organic herbs in trendy pots.

6. 2016 bathrooms

Like the kitchen, bathroom trends have taken a sharp turn, moving away from artificial materials and embracing the natural, featuring more and more natural stone, timber and greenery amid the very-2016 free-standing bath. Finish it off with some modern art, reflecting the notion that, in our busy age, time spent in the bathroom is golden.

7. Living rooms with personality

The 2016 lounge is a chance to sidestep the industry standards and extend your personality into your favourite room. Think contemporary and eclectic, with big bursting colours in your artwork to match the equally bold rugs or carpets, and a chance to focus on warmth, comfort and practicality.

8. Bedroom

The other place that must reflect your individual tastes with a focus on comfort is the bedroom. Open fireplaces, corners for a touch of work and even large bookshelves are practical and warm, and the eco-conscious might use reclaimed wood, allied with glass and even concrete, to accent your bedroom’s modern place in 2016.

9. New appliances

Race into 2016 technology with a steam oven and warming drawers for your kitchen, a jumbo, ultra-thin TV in the lounge to match your new smart fridge complete with internal cameras and speakers, and a robotic vacuum that you operate with your smartphone.

10. Digital escapes

You must embrace the internet era, but the 2016 home will also have a technology-free room as we aim to strike the perfect balance. This is a place to read books, just chat or take a Sunday nap.