Modern interior decorating in Asian style

interior decorating asianNew Zealanders may enjoy an enviably laid back standard of living, but the latest data from a Statistics NZ survey revealed that one in five Kiwi workers suffer from work related stress. De-stressing starts at home, and with roots steeped in peace, tranquillity and balance, Asian inspired designs are a fantastic remedy.

Borne from cultures that are wonderfully in tune with their spirituality, Asian architecture and interior design is all about creating spaces that are beautiful and functional. Aesthetics are important, but relaxation, simplistic design and a calming aura are also keynote factors.


Low lying furniture

Oriental furniture is traditionally low lying, with the Japanese practicing a ‘floor culture’ that’s existed for thousands of years. Think tables that almost touch the ground, accompanied by plush pillows instead of chairs. A futon is another classic Japanese inspired bedroom item, bringing a unique Asian aesthetic to the décor, and offering a host of health benefits. Unlike traditional divan beds, futons are set on a wooden slatted base which supports the back and helps with circulation.

Calligraphy art

Part typescript, part artistic masterpiece, Asian calligraphy is a stunning way to decorate any space. Choose textured paper and frame prints to create art that’s elegant, unique and meaningful.

Decorative screens 

Used to divide traditional Asian style abodes, decorative screens bring a luxurious touch to living spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms alike.

Woven straw mats

If you want to recreate the look, feel and divine aroma of an oriental space, woven straw mats are an authentic design investment.

Paper lamp shades 

Create a sense of mood and ambience by screening bulbs with paper lamp shades. They come in a myriad of colours, so match your purchases to your existing colour scheme.

Silk tapestry

Recreate the lavish interiors of the Chinese dynasty by adorning walls with colourful silk tapestries.

Décor accessories

There’s an incredible amount of scope and creativity when it comes to décor accessories. If you’re going for a Japanese inspired look, keep things simple with strategically placed bonsai plants, single wall hangings and china tea sets.

Feng shui principles

As a Chinese philosophical system that aims to harmonise people with their surrounding environments, feng shui is a hugely important concept for interior designers. Learn more about the underlying principles of feng shui, and how to apply them to your own home.

Rock gardens

A Japanese icon, rock gardens are stylised outdoor spaces, traditionally raked into linear patterns that enrich meditation. Create your own Zen garden by sectioning off an area, filling it with sand and peppering it with rocks.

Temples and pagodas

Intended as open air retreats in which to relax, unwind and reflect, temples and pagodas not only look gorgeous but also serve as garden sitting or entertaining spaces. Decorative structures are quite the investment though, so save this one for budgets that allow.

Water features

Water features are the heart and soul of Asian landscape design, representing purity, cleansing, healing and tranquility. Keep things simple with a bubbling fountain, or go all out with a rock pond, mini waterfall or mirror pool.

Armed with these oriental interior decorating ideas, you can start to bring a touch of exoticism to your home.